CMS Sourced Personnel
  • Accountants

  • Architects

  • Civil Engineers

  • Construction Executives

  • Construction Managers

  • Contract Administrators

  • Customer Service Representatives

  • Estimators

  • Marketing Managers

  • Owner's Representatives

  • Project Engineers

  • Project Managers

  • Purchasing Agents

  • Superintendents

Full-Time Employment

This service gives your company the greatest range of selection when hiring management personnel. Conventional hiring methods often do not attract the most qualified candidates. CMS has a network of connections to some of the most talented managers in the construction industry. CMS can help you find, recruit, and hire the right person to fit your needs.

Contract & Temporary Employment

Contract employment is an alternative to hiring a full-time employee. A contract employee is hired for a specified duration or the length of a construction project. For contract employment, the hourly rate varies with responsibilities. With a contract employee, there are no payroll taxes or benefits paid by the employer.


Temporary employment of construction management personnel is a cost-effective means of handling the occasional work overload. For temporary employment, the hourly rate varies with duties and length of employment.


Placement Fee and the CMS Guarantee
When your company hires a person presented by CMS, the placement fee is employer paid in the amount of ten percent of the employee's gross annual wages. If the       employment should be terminated for any reason within the first sixty days, the person will be replaced at no charge or the fee will be refunded in full.